Baby Accessories

Babies may only be small human beings but they can surprise parents with how many accessories they need! Some of the stuff on offer here will be essential for most parents to buy whilst other stuff will simply be 'nice to have' for many parents. So, let's take a look at what a baby needs.

1. In the Home

Your baby will need somewhere to sleep so you will need a Moses basket or a cot and/or cot bed as soon as they are born. It is also worth while looking at changing mats, a nappy bin and even maybe a changing table if you would find that useful. Some parents also like to buy a special baby bath whilst others will simply bath their baby in a regular bath or even in the sink! Investing in a home baby seat or bouncer may also be worthwhile and walkers or walking toys can help them when they start to learn to walk. As your baby grows older and starts to be weaned you should also invest in some special bowls, plates, cups and cutlery for them to use. You'll also need some form of high chair for them to sit in while they eat.

2. Out and About

You'll need a pram or some form of buggy when you are out and about with your baby. Slings and baby carriers are also popular with many parents who don't want to have to rely on taking out a buggy for every trip outdoors. It's also worth while buying a baby bag to store all their stuff such as spare clothes, nappies and toys. If you are taking a baby anywhere in a car then a car seat is essential. Make sure to buy one suitable for your baby's age.

3. Safety

As your baby grows you will need to safety proof your home to make sure that he/she doesn't have or cause an accident. So, for example, you may want to invest in a stair gate to stop them going upstairs when you aren't looking and electrical socket covers to stop them putting their fingers into the electrical supply! Other useful safety accessories include cupboard safety latches, door stoppers, corner protectors, video and DVD covers and cooker guards.